Ask Poppy #1: How to create effective consultations for wedding planners and clients

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"What information should wedding planners bring to a floral consultation?" What an awesome way to kick off the series! this answer has something for everyone; vendors and clients alike."

To sum up the answer  in three key points: budget, support and vision. First, the dirty B-word: budget. Why do we hide this information? Be proud of our budgets! Everyone can have a beautiful wedding with an unlimited budget. (Hello... Did you seem Kim and Kanye? Where i the fun in that?!) Only hire pro vendors that can create your dream wedding within YOUR unique parameters. This means everything from budget and wedding size to season and style. You should expect that from a designer business!

Moving on... Clients and vendors alike need support! Reassure the couple with statements like "That meeting was great!" and "They're going to bring the vision to life!" A bride once told us, "My husband and I are lively people! Why wouldn't we want many fresh flowers to breathe life into our venue?" This is so true!

Second, the wedding planner/couple's relationship is very close. When (not if) questions rise, brides look to their planner for guidance. We love hearing planners tell clients how their dollars are well-spent with this reputable vendor!

Finally, that brings us to vision. How awesome would it be to have a vendor-only vision meeting with the planner, florist and photographer pre-wedding? In most cases, schedules make it impossible to bring this up, but maybe there's a shortcut? I wish it was a reality! Let's discuss total aesthetic, loral points and getting published together with the main designers. That sounds pretty unstoppable to me!

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